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Franchise boasts a vast Franchise Network and continues to expand rapidly. Our franchises are strategically located in both metros and small towns, ensuring convenience for our customers. As profiles are uploaded through our franchise system, a majority of them undergo a thorough verification process. Our dedicated franchise owners provide personal attention and valuable advice regarding marriage proposals. Additionally, we offer pre-marriage and post-marriage counseling services to support our users in their journey.

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Prashant Joshi & Rasika Shigvan

I Prashant Joshi and my wife Rasika Shigvan Both are Thankful to Franchise of We Both are from Badlapur and Mahad Locations of Kokan. We Both do Job, Our Parents did Register our Marriage Profiles with Matrimony Francise in Badlapur, which is run by Satere Madam.


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JeevanMeet is Web based matrimonial service provider serving Indian market from year 2010. Our vision is to make marriage search a easy and effortless process through our franchise network which can help finding life partner and get people married by working as proper mediator. The mission of is to give a friendly atmosphere to the parents who are looking for in law for there loved one.

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